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Helping Hands



Educational programming and curricular development is currently under development; however, we anticipate providing future programs such as:

  1. Pop-up educational platforms. These will provide customers with access to cooking demos, meal planning techniques, recipes, and grow-it-yourself information sessions.                                                 

  2. Access to education and career readiness. We intend to offer workshops, job-training, and access to certification and degree programs hosted by UNT Dallas.                                            

  3. Research-based experiential learning for students and collaborators. Community understand of food insecurity and its causes/solutions are essential to moving the needle on improving food access within southern Dallas.

Alongside our customer-focused educational programming, we have an in-house duty to research the impact of Community Basket MFM upon southern Dallas.


This research includes monitoring area-wide levels of food insecurity, investigating issues or solutions to food access, and producing in-depth and representative data on community-wide food insecurity, health metrics, and emission levels.

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