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Piles of Paper

Research & Experiential learning

Our Research:

Provided below is a list of the research associated with Community Basket since 2017. Thus far we published a research paper and created a StoryMap using ArcGIS.

In 2021, Executive Director, Dr. Kelly Varga, and Research and Communications Associate, Hunter Marion, published a research review to complement the work of Community Basket. It explores the exacerbation of urban food insecurity due to unhealthy food systems.


This article also offers advice on how these urban food systems could positively change with community input and university collaboration. Due to our publisher's distribution restrictions, we sadly cannot offer the article for free access.

"Community Basket: 2017 to the Present"

STEM students enrolled in Community Basket and Toyota's collegiate scholarship program began researching southern Dallas's food insecurity situation in early 2018. Recognizing that this research would be more valuable within an accessible, visually-appealing medium, we decided to input our findings into a StoryMap.

A StoryMap is an interactive presentation which uses maps, imagery, and text to visually convey data in an easy-to-understand way. Like a combination of Google Maps and an in-depth article. We intend for this map to be used as a tool by community members and local or potential stakeholders to better understand the presence of food insecurity within our area. Whether this intention may be for policy change, community organizing, charity, further research, etc., we hope that whoever uses this information will find it valuable and impactful.

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